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38 Parlay House's Anne Devereux-Mills on Starting Over, Connecting Women, and Cascading Empowerment

"Matthew Félix on Air" video podcast with Anne Devereux-Mills, founder of Parlay House

The show is on hiatus for the summer, so I’m digging into the archives for some great episodes from the recent past.

On today’s show, which aired in June of last year, Anne Devereux-Mills, founder of Parlay House, Executive Director of the Emmy-nominated The Return, and Chairwoman of the Board of Marchex, Inc. shares how starting over led her to look at how we—and women, in particular—can not only have deeper, more meaningful interactions but how they can have an inspiring, empowering cascade effect on others.

As a single mom, a top executive in New York's competitive advertising scene, and a cancer survivor, Anne experienced challenging times, ultimately leading her to found Parlay House, over 1000 “women who come together to connect, grow, learn and thrive.”

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Anne Devereux-Mills
Parlay House

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