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Matthew Félix On Air features Matthew and guests discussing writing, travel, and whatever else piques Matthew’s interest, from spirituality to cultural happenings to the outdoors to anything with a good story worth exploring.
A video montage of nearly every guest that appeared on the Matthew Félix on Air video podcast.

60 Seconds of 2018 Highlights from the Matthew Félix on Air video podcast.

People Who Create • People Who Make a Difference

Writing, travel, visual arts, spirituality, health, culture, society, and the environment.
Matthew Félix On Air features author Matthew Felix discussing anything that makes for thought-provoking, entertaining conversation - bringing his unique perspective, insatiable curiosity, and spirited wit to each conversation.

Matthew's guests have included New York Times bestselling novelist Jasmin Darznik (Song of a Captive Bird) and bestselling mystery writer Cara Black (Murder on the Left Bank); one of the world’s most successful photographers, Bob Holmes (Geo, Wine Spectator, Life, Time); and Outside magazine founding editor Tim Cahill (Jaguars Ripped My Flesh). Jesper Luth, production manager for Hall and Oates, Tears for Fears, and the Moody Blues; Dandelion Chocolate's Greg D'Alesandre; and, Zoë Elton, Director of Programming for the Mill Valley Film Festival, and NPR storyteller Doug Cordell are other recent guests.

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