Matthew Félix on Air

27 Bees & Beekeeping with Oakland Urban Beekeeper Derek Garnier

Beekeeping: Episode of "Matthew Felix on Air podcast," with guest beekeeper Derek Garnier.

Bees have been in the news a lot the past few years, both for the critical problems they’ve been facing and our increasing awareness of how important they are not only intrinsically, but to our own survival. I talked all things bees with urban beekeeper Derek Garnier. We discussed why we need our fuzzy friends, the challenges they face, and how you can help. We also talked the how-tos of beekeeping, making honey, and much more!

For the last six years Derek Garnier has spent his weekends as a beekeeper in the Oakland Hills. On weekends in late July you can find him with his grandkids selling honey and talking bees. This summer Derek will be combining his technology background and beekeeping to launch a new website with the world’s first bee cam so followers can get a glimpse of what happens inside a live, working hive.


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