Matthew Félix on Air

05 San Francisco Travel: 100 Things to Do Before You Die

"Matthew Felix on Air" video podcast: Author Matthew Félix talks with travel writers Kimberley Lovato and Jill Robinson about their guidebook "100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die."

Episode preview

Travel writers Kimberley Lovato and Jill Robinson presented their new book, for tourists and locals alike! We had a hilarious and informative talk ranging from why they decided to write a book for people about to die; the truth about fortune cookies, the color of the Golden Gate Bridge (not gold!), and the name of San Francisco’s fog. We also learned about Irish coffee, how Jill became a certified ninja demi-goddess of tequila, and the risks involved running naked in San Francisco’s famed Bay to Breakers race. And much, much more (seriously)…

Next Sunday: Zoë Elton of the Mill Valley Film Festival!

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