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04 Afghan Refugee to Poet to Psychologist

"Matthew Felix on Air" video podcast: Author Matthew Félix talks with former Afghani refugee Nahid Fattahi.

Episode preview

Nahid Fattahi is a humanitarian, storyteller, poet, yogi, and soon-to-be psychologist. She is also an Afghan refugee.

We talked about her incredible escape from Afghanistan, the work she’s done with refugees both in Greece and with Partnerships for Trauma Recovery, and why she decided to give up her lucrative marketing career to become a psychologist.

We also pondered her beguiling love of Canada’s Tim Horton’s coffee, clarified for listeners that Afghanistan is not located in Africa, and mused upon the difference between mules and donkeys—without coming to any conclusions. Nahid also read for us a poem in Farsi, and another in English, which she wrote for her son.

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