Podcast: Porcelain Travels

05 Travel Humor Stories: Double Duty

“Porcelain Travels” is a collection of select true stories excerpted from award-winning and Amazon best-selling author Matthew Félix’s forthcoming book, loosely centered around his sometimes harrowing, often hilarious, and always unforgettable experiences in, on, and around toilets, tubs, and showers encountered in his travels to over 50 countries. The story “Let It Flow” from “Porcelain Travels” was recently awarded First Place for Humor in the 2018 Solas Awards. [o] "Matthew's prose is a dance between the richness and delicacy of poetry and the bawdy, acerbic wit of a standup comic." - The Best Travel Writing, Volume II contributor Keith Skinner [o] Read by the author. [o] Matthew Félix is also author of the Amazon best-selling “With Open Arms”, selections of which are featured in the “Short Stories of Misadventures in Morocco” podcast.

Shortly after his arrival in Valletta, the capital of the Mediterranean nation of Malta, Matthew falls face-first onto his bed. When he's awoken at 5:00 AM, it has nothing to do with jet lag--and it's only by getting very creative that he manages to find a way (and a place) to fall back asleep. 

An unforgettable reminder to always think outside the box.