Matthew Félix on Air

01 Me, Myself, & I: Matthew Félix on Writing; Spain, France, and Central Asia; intuition; and His Podcast

"Matthew Felix on Air" video podcast: author Matthew Félix and Erin Byrne talk writing, travel, intuition, and more.

Episode preview

For his first-ever video podcast episode, Matthew's first guest was...himself!

After author, filmmaker, and LitWings founder Erin Byrne was on a previous episode of the show, she enthusiastically declared she wanted to turn the tables and interview Matthew. And so, for the inaugural video podcast episode, she did just that.

Erin and Matthew talked about his two published books, as well as his forthcoming one; his time living in Spain, France, and Turkey; and his recent trip to Central Asia. The conversation also ventured into intuition, the show itself, and much more.

A fun, in-depth, wide-ranging interview. Click on player under the show logo, or watch/listen on one of the following sites:

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