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11 Stroke & Autoimmune Disease APS: Suffering & Surviving with Travel Writer Anne Sigmon

"Matthew Felix on Air" video podcast: Author Matthew Félix talks with travel writer Anne Sigmon about her forthcoming memoir about recoving from her stroke.

Episode preview

Anne Sigmon had it all: love, career, world travel. Then, at the young age of 48, she also had a stroke.

I had the pleasure of reading Anne’s unreleased memoir, “Scrambling Back,” which describes how her life was changed overnight - and how she fought hard to reclaim much of what was lost, including her passion for traveling the world. We talked about stroke and memory loss, autoimmune disease, and much, much more.

Anne Sigmon is an award-winning writer and traveler whose work has been published in national magazines and ten anthologies including Good Housekeeping and Stroke Connection magazines; The Good Housekeeping and American Heart Association websites; and the digital magazines Best Travel,, Wanderlust and Lipstick, and Southern Sampler.


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