MFOA on hiatus!

Happy New Year!
Matthew Félix on Air is on hiatus this month - back in February! Meanwhile, all of 2018's episodes with "people who create and people who make a difference" are available at the links below. Thanks, and talk soon!
iTunes: https://buff.ly/2OoKcrU
Google Play: https://buff.ly/2DU3RvY
Facebook: https://buff.ly/2FczOOR
YouTube: https://buff.ly/2TrybRo
HOMEPAGE: https://buff.ly/2C4ODQx

Video includes some highlights from 2018. I was not home so didn't have access to all my footage; but guests included (in order of appearance) are educator and writer Diane LeBow; photographer Bob Holmes; writers Kimberely Lovato and Jill Robinson; filmmaker Hervé Cohen; Litquake's Jack Boulware; writer, filmmaker, and LitWings founder Erin Bryne; dream expert Jane Carleton; writer and artist Paul Madonna; Borderlands Books' Alan Beatts; Literary Death Match's Matthew DeCoster; photographer and writer Lone Mørch; photographer and writer Tania Romanov Amochaev; activist and former refugee Nahid Fattahi; Hidden Compass's Sabine Bergmann and Sivani Babu; the Mill Valley Film Festival's Zoë Elton; Travelers' Tales's Larry Habegger; writer Anne Sigmon; writer and burper Linda Watanbe-McFerrin.