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 Banner for author Matthew Félix's free travel short stories. "Hornets and Grapes" is about humorous experiences living in a Spanish village. "The Citroen and the Pomegranate" is a stranger-than-fiction tale about synchronicity. ATravel, spirituality, and humor infuse Matthew Felix’s work.

FCCFree Radio’s Matthew Félix On Air features Matthew and guests discussing writing, travel, and whatever else piques Matthew’s interest, from spirituality to cultural happenings to the outdoors to anything with a good story worth exploring. Matthew's guests have included New York Times bestselling novelist Jasmin Darznik (The Good Daughter); one of the world's most accomplished photographers, Bob Holmes; and, travel-writing legend Don George

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Episode 06 (18 March 18)
A Groundbreaker & a New York Times Bestseller

A belated homage to March 8’s International Women’s Day!

My first guest will be educator, traveler, and writer Diane LeBow. Diane is recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Rutgers University for “her long career in writing, photojournalism, college teaching, and women’s rights work.” We’ll talk about her experiences, adventures, and her in-progress book about her search for the best of all possible worlds.

In my second segment, I’ll talk with New York Times best-selling author Jasmin Darznik about her new novel, Song of a Captive Bird, a fictional account of Iran’s trailblazing woman poet, Forugh Farrokhzad. Jasmin, who was born in Teheran, Iran and came to the United States when she was five years old, is also the author of The Good Daughter: A Memoir of My Mother’s Hidden Life. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

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Episode 05 (11 March 18)
Book Covers, Cuba, & Making a Difference

My first guest will be award-winning graphic designer Erica Heitman-Ford, live from New York City! We’ll discuss the art of the book cover, design, and more. Erica’s work graced Print Magazine’s 75th anniversary edition, and she has designed for Victoria's Secret, Barnes & Noble, and Whole Foods, among many others. 

In my second segment, authors and adventurers Michael Shapiro (A Sense of Place, National Geographic Traveler, the Washington Post) and Jackie Yau (Inspirato, Travelers’ Tales anthologies, and the Travel Guide to California) talk about their recent travel to Cuba. We'll not only discuss their trip, but how they used it to make a difference in a lot of Cuban kids' lives.

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Episode 04 (04 March 18)
Photography, Travel, and Overcoming Chronic Disease

My first guest will be one of the world’s most successful photographers, Robert Holmes. Bob has worked for National Geographic, Geo, Wine Spectator, and many more over his 35-year career. We’ll discuss photography, his adventures, and more.

In my second segment, my guest will be my friend Susan Violante. In her 20s, Susan was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a chronic autoimmune-system-related disorder. Her diagnosis, however, was a long-time coming—and is an unbelievable story. We'll talk about Susan's experience, as well as how she managed the disease into remission and now leads a happy, healthy life.

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Episode 03 (25 Feb 18)
Morocco Workshop and Trash

My first guest will be Travelers’ Tales Larry Habegger. Larry is about to head to Morocco to lead a Deep Travel writing workshop. We’ll discuss workshops, the upcoming Morocco one, and Larry’s work teaching and coaching writers.

In my second segment, my “trashy friends” Chuck and Geoff will talk about how doing a good deed in Point Reyes became a habit. We’ll discuss the work they do, what motivates them to do it, and some of the more exciting discoveries they’ve made in the process.

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Episode 02 (18 Feb 18)
Hidden Compass & Antarctica


Today’s show starts off with Sivani Babu and Sabine Bergmann from online travel magazine Hidden Compass.

Their new issue is just out, and it’s full of work by award-winning writers and photographers who have been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Geo, and Time, as well as the Washington Post, BBC Travel, and on NPR.

In the second segment, Sivani will hang around to tell us about her love affair with Antarctica, where she has been three times–including very recently.

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Episode 01 (11 Feb 18)
Weekday Wanderlust & FCCFree Radio

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First episode! Excited to welcome my first guests to the show! None other than travel-writing legend Don George and freelance writer, traveler, and champagne lover Kimberley Lovato will fill us in on their long-running, incredibly popular Weekday Wanderlust, in the run-up to their upcoming event on Thursday, 2/15.

And I’ll start things off with FCCFree Radio’s very own John Miller, founder and general manager, who will give us an intro to the station and how it came to be.

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