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Cancellation or Change of a Workshop

While Matthew Félix will make every attempt to hold an event once confirmed, Matthew does reserve the right to cancel or change a program (class, seminar, workshop, other event or activity), at any time due to insufficient bookings and/or reasons beyond his control. In such case, a full and immediate refund will be issued. However, the financial liability of Matthew Félix shall be limited to the amount paid to Matthew Félix for the program only and shall not be extended to cover any other associated travel costs incurred (e.g. non-refundable air tickets, miscellaneous transportation costs, etc.). Matthew reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any participant, for any reason at any time. Matthew is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by such participants.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Matthew understands that attending workshops requires advance commitment, and also that things can happen in life that may require you to cancel attendance at a workshop. Based on cancellation date, the following apply:

  • Greater than 90 days before workshop start date: full refund of any payments made.

  • 90-30 days before workshop start date: 50% refund of any payments made.

  • Within 30 days of the start of the workshop: no refund.

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made. 

Note that there are some non-refundable workshops for which the above terms do not apply. For these workshops Matthew does not offer under any circumstances a refund of any payments made. This will always be noted clearly in the workshop description.

No matter when you cancel, if Matthew is able to fill your space in the workshop, he will provide a 100% refund of any payments made.

Use of Name and Likeness

Matthew reserves the right to take photographs or videos during the operation of any program, class, seminar, workshop, other activity, or any program or part thereof and to use the resulting images or videos in whole or in part for promotional purposes, including but not limited to advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media. By registering with Matthew Félix, participants agree to allow their images to be used in such photography; participants who prefer that their image not be used are asked to notify Matthew prior to or at the commencement of a workshop or other event or activity. Matthew also reserves the right to use, in all or in part, any written reviews you may provide in his advertising and publicity, both in print and electronic media.By attending one of Matthew’s classes, seminars, or workshops you are accepting certain risks. Your application or registration shall serve as a release of Matthew’s liability and a complete assumption of all risks by you and your heirs, administrator, executor, successors, and assign for all family members.


In consideration of, and as part of the payment for your participation in a program, class, seminar, workshop, excursion, other activity, or any program that Matthew Félix or his assigns, may be conducting, you are voluntarily releasing Matthew Félix, his employees, assigns, independent contractors, or anyone involved thereof, from any damages, liabilities, costs, injuries whether mental or physical, known or unknown, and by participation you agree to assume all risks whether known or unknown.

Your application or registration signifies your full understanding and agreement that you release and hold harmless Matthew Félix, his agents, assigns, sponsors, associates, and sub-contractors, from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, debts, and demands of every kind whatsoever, known or unknown which may arise in connection with your participation in any activities arranged by Matthew Félix without limitation, including all liability, actions, causes of action, claims, debts, and demands related to the negligence of said persons.

Unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (and with his prior approval), you must be at least 21 to attend one of Matthew’s workshops. 

Matthew reserves the right to cancel any activity and to accept or reject any person as a member of any activity.


You agree to have any claim, controversy, or dispute relating to the enforcement or interpretation of this document or arising or relating to your registration, participation, or attendance at a Matthew Félix class, seminar, workshop, or other activity, submitted to binding arbitration under the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitration shall take place in San Francisco, California. You do hereby waive your right to bring an action before a judge or jury in any court and you understand that you have given up your rights to discovery and appeal. Any award rendered in any arbitration may be made a judgment by any court of competent jurisdiction. You understand that if you refuse to submit to arbitration after agreeing to this provision, you may be compelled to arbitrate under the authority of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

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Last revised July 2019.