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Banner for author Matthew Félix's free travel short stories. "Hornets and Grapes" is about humorous experiences living in a Spanish village. "The Citroen and the Pomegranate" is a stranger-than-fiction tale about synchronicity. ATravel, spirituality, and humor infuse Matthew Felix’s work.

Lightning Strikes Twice 

Award Winner
2018 Solas Awards: Gold

  • #1 Kindle 30-min Biographies & Memoirs
  • #1 Kindle 30-min Religion & Spirituality

FREE!  He thought he was just taking a hike on the Northern California coast. Instead he found himself face-to-face with one of his biggest fears, thanks to an intimate experience with his inner voice. (Download)

Hornets and Grapes  

  • #1 Kindle 30-min Travel
  • #1 Kindle Literary Travel
  • #1 Kindle Spain & Portugal

2018 Solas Awards: Honorable Mention for "Uninvited Guests"

FREE!  When Matthew retreated to an isolated mountain village in Spain, he was looking forward to peace and quiet. A friendly old man, a pushy old woman, and an invasive swarm of hornets had other ideas. (Download)

Hornets and Grapes is now also available as an audiobook.

The Citroën and the Pomegranate

  • #1 Kindle 30-min Travel
  • #2 Kindle Travel Writing

FREE!  The stranger-than-fiction tale of how a series of seemingly trivial events transpiring over three months and six countries ended up converging in the most unlikely of ways. (Download)