Modules: Online Marketing for Writers

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A high-level summary of some of the main topics discussed in each workshop module follows. Module content is subject to change.

Instructor and participant introductions; overview of approach to the workshop and module content; discussion of objectives; preliminary considerations for an online marketing strategy.

Common issues; best practices and basic recommendations; case studies; mailing lists.

What it is and why—and when—it matters; website SEO case study; Google site indexing.

Social Media
Your approach; Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Instagram vs. all the others: choosing the right platform(s); video as part of your strategy; personal vs. business Facebook pages; Facebook ads; going beyond pictures on Instagram; to Tweet or not to Tweet; how to avoid being overfed by your Twitter feed; should you, too, YouTube?

Author and book pages; writing—and formatting!—effective descriptions; case studies; a key overlooked pitfall; why your book title—and subtitle—is so important, and what they should include; categories and keywords, including how to choose the best ones; stimulating the all-powerful, much-despised algorithm; pricing your book; Kindle Unlimited: what it is, pros and cons, and whether it’s right for you.

Amazon Ads
Overview of one of the most effective ways to sell books; setting up campaigns, including writing ad copy, choosing keywords, and pricing bids.

Quick overview of a platform many writers love to hate.

Book Reviews
Why they are so important (and shockingly underutilized!), different ways to get them, and a common mistake that can—and does—prompt Amazon to remove them.

BookBub and Other Discounted E-Book Services
What they are, why not all are the same, and how they can dramatically boost your book rankings.

Free E-Books
Give it away for free!? With nearly 10,000 downloads and counting, free e-books have been a key part of my marketing strategy. We’ll discuss why and how to use free e-books—including the trick to get Amazon to make an exception and set your book to free.

More to Explore
Contests; paid promotion; blog tours; scheduling tools; giveaways; other resources.