With Open Arms

Banner for author Matthew Félix's best-selling collection of Morocco travel short stories, "With Open Arms”, described as both “hilarious” and “horrifying” and compared to the work of Bill Bryson. Travel, spirituality, and humor infuse Matthew Felix’s work.

Matthew sits down with Matthew to discuss his travels in Morocco--his harrowing and humorous experiences alike.

"Sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying, but always entertaining." -Teresa L Holland (Amazon)

"I'm a great fan of Bill Bryson's books, and Matthew Felix captured some of that charm and wit in his book...Matthew, however, added a bit of suspense that kept me awake reading into the night." - Amazon reviewer

When Matthew had to renew his European visa, his point of exit was obvious: he was going to Morocco.

Memories of his previous trip filled him with anxiety. What was he thinking? After everything that had happened, did he really want to go back?

Scams. Altercations. Mishaps. But also humor and beauty. His curiosity overcoming his fears, his second trip would prove as unforgettable as the first.

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